Machial Verax – Saraquin’s chosen disciple, The Spirelord. Appears to be in his late-30s, but has ruled the Spire for 15 years.

Belyubaz- The Hivelord. Rules the Hive, which give powerful specialized units to the Spire – Air units, Blocks and Spiders.

Sashlebah- The never-seen head of the MSP.

“Hooks” – Head of the torturer’s guild under the MSP. Morbidly obese, deviant, tittering laugh.

Grumash- High captain of the Bugbear brigades. Rules the Keep.

Avarre- Chief of slave labor. Lives in Spiretown. A hunched over human with well-known predelictions. Word of his deviancy is legend. Rarely seen without Algernon by his side.

King Alafas – The ailing Mauvosan king. Well into his 70s.

Omar- “King Omar,” “The Rusty Throne.” The highest ranking member of the Mauvosan royal line to survive the occupation. He is in his 50’s now, and appears to bear the weight of years under Saraquin’s heel. He’s married and has a son, and lives within the confines of Spiretown. Some say he secretly has a posh residence and is in league with Machial. Others say that it’s because of him that things aren’t as bad as they could be under Machial’s rule. Still others say that by housing his wife and child in Spiretown, Machial is more able to make Omar, and the people who he can influence, dance to his tune.

Algernon- Master of Requisitions – A mathmatical savant. Rumored to be Avarre’s brother, this human is tall, pudgy and clearly not all there. He constantly looks up and mumbles to himself. However, it’s said he knows the details of Montbelliard better than a legion of scribes. Manpower estimates, manufacturing, crop harvests, its said that if it comes down to numbers, Algernon can provide answers faster in his head than scores of people doing calculations by hand.

“The Face” – Sashlebah’s Right Hand Man. Another of Sashlebah’s lieutenants, a thin human with a horribly scarred face and impeccable clothes. His true name is unknown, but when the MSP makes a raid, he is more often than not seen as the commander of the raid.

DeMarlo- Fixer and facilitator. Expert negotiator, heads up the Benetatus.

Ezebel Lane – Mentioned by Prince Danilo. No one has heard of her.

Alfgerson- NPC known to Antioch.

Styrk- NPC known to Antioch.

Rosanne FlockeNPC known to Antioch.

Sugorim- Eladrin warlord, leads a recon patrol in the Grand Army of the Alliance. First encountered on Sarpadian’s farm.

Anjali- Female Deva. First encountered when PCs are questioned after their capture by the Grand Army of the Alliance. A spiritual leader for the new Deva race.

Johan Taranis – Human general for the Grand Army of the Alliance. First encountered by the PCs during questioning after their capture. In his 40s. Appeared to be greatly uneased during the questioning.

Aethaneir- Elf general, first encountered during the questioning after PCs capture by the Grand Army of the Alliance. The picture of calm during the questioning.

Manu Tercero – Tiefling lieutenant. Responsible for a shock squad in the Grand Army of the Alliance.

Prince Danilo – The king’s only son. He’s a member of the Brotherhood of Vengeance.

Middlebrooks- A halfling rogue. Likes to get into and out of restricted areas. He’s a card player, a gambler, a boaster, a real people person. He hates to lose, but loses fair and square. He encountered the PCs in a tent where they were being held after their capture by the Grand Army of the Alliance. He played cards and lost big, giving up plenty of information and ultimately a dagger to Antioch. He also presented a list of names to the group, asking if they knew anyone on the list.

Bhavya Minmei – Tiefling cleric. Part of Sugorim’s recon patrol. Especially interested in Athravan and all Deva. Full of questions.

Alisia Archibald – Eladrin Ranger. Part of Sugorim’s recon patrol.

Hoki Aguero – Human ranger. Part of Sugorim’s recon patrol. Abrasive, confrontational. He and Onu don’t like each other much.

Tapewa- Dragonborn fighter. Part of Sugorim’s recon patrol. Respects Kresh, knows much is to be done to secure the future of the Dragonborn race.

Kolybin- Elf bard. Part of Sugorim’s recon patrol.

Nefrefre- Tiefling warlock. Part of Sugorim’s recon patrol.

Shilo- Human wizard. Part of Sugorim’s recon patrol. Young, keeps to himself. Casted a sleep spell on Onu, leading to her capture.

Caiti- Human rogue. Part of Sugorim’s recon patrol. Pretty, goldilocks. Team player, and really takes offense if someone thinks she isn’t pulling her weight.

Durlan AelorothiNPC known by Vellus.

Muiredach ArbuthnotNPC known by Kresh.

Reto AmielNPC known by Vellus.

Tabesheribet Amen – Elven actress. Deceased. Abhorred violence. Known for having a jealous streak.

Radeyah AbouNPC known by Kresh.

Kris AmadeoNPC known by Athravan.

Desiderius TolgaNPC known by Athravan.

Martxelin AgueroNPC known by Athravan.

Afanasiya AlliluyevaNPC known by Athravan.

Matain AbernethyNPC known by Athravan.

Eogan BenitoNPC known by Athravan.

Tristan BellephusNPC known by Athravan.


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