The most ancient part of Montbelliard, the Dols is a neighborhood built into large rocks on a hillside. Homes, shanties, lean-tos and dwellings of all shapes and sizes are stacked upon each other at every imaginable level and angle. Part slum, part penal colony, the streets are chaotic shambles of squatters and hawking merchants.

Named after the fabled dwarven city of Dolsha Kir’an that lies somewhere beneath Montbelliard, the Dols is also short for doldrums. Day and night, the Siphon gazes coldly down upon its unfortunate denizens. Chances are if you’ve ever been to the Dols, you’re still there. If you’ve never been – consider yourself lucky – it’s hard to imagine the squalor, the chaos, the burning, draining, oozing light.

Travel to and from the Dols is highly regulated. Guard posts mark the neighborhood’s two main thoroughfares, while the remaining exits have been walled off. In order to pass through a checkpoint, one needs an official pass, such as a merchant badge or official document.

There are a few ancient buildings and landmarks in the Dols, all but buried in the dense filth of overpopulation. Now and again one brushes one’s hands up against a wall of river rocks. On occasion, one spots a moldy and chipped sign, etched in jagged, dwarven runes.


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