Session 9

Day 4 - Alliance Camp --> King Alabas' Camp

Yesterday that scoundrel Middlebrooks showed me names on his list. I pretended not to know any of them and he went on his way.

Moments after he left, a group of officers stormed into the tent. We spent hours talking and arguing with them, but it came down to this: They wanted us to infiltrate the city, and spread word that someone from the outside wants to rescue them. Onu was quite angry at how she'd arrived – spelled and bound to a horse – but her guards later came to apologize. They also gave us a priest to join us.

One of the officers was actually Prince Danilo, one of the King's sons. They wanted us to get to Prince Omar, whom they believe may still be willing to help us. Danilo gave me a ring to show to Prince Omar. 

We then left on horseback, and traveled into the mountains. After a few hours, we reached a camp. King Alabas was there. I knelt before him, and he spoke to me. He asked me to retrieve a book, the Book of Kings, from the Iron Throne. How I'll ever get in there is a mystery, but I told him I would. 

 I also asked King Alabas what it meant to be a "Keeper of the Forge". He told me, much to my shock, that it was a name used for those who sit on the Iron Throne – kings! Of course, he was probably mocking me – moments later, he was patting me on the head like a child. But I only bowed. It was a small embarrassment compared to the thrill of being in the presence of a king! 

We entered a room with some sort of magic swirling around, and everything went white.  



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