Session 6

Day 2 - Montbelliard City Walls

The wraith screamed toward us, raining destruction as it came. From the corner of my eye, I noticed Athravan, the cowardly elf wizard, looting the bodies of the dead. It surprised me that he would stoop to such measures, but then a finely woven cloak caught my eye, along with a number of coins and an ornate purse, all of which he stuffed into a backpack.

At that moment, a loud snap from below shook the entire north tower. Our precious magical ammunition was hurled to the street below, and the human officer fell over the edge of the tower. I tried to throw her a rope, but then another snap tilted the tower so much that it was all we could do keep our footing. We rescued the woman, then proceeded to heave a boulder that had fallen in the way of our exit. After several tries, we were able to access the tower’s trap door, and we made our descent into the street.

The street level was utter chaos. We found ourselves in a square with a fountain, in the Stacks I believe. A building was engulfed in flames, the wizard said it was our ammunition that had caused the fire. I heard screams inside, and followed them into the burning building. To bear the flames, I first immersed myself in the fountain, an act that would have sentenced me to a month in the Dols in any other circumstance. The dragonborn, Kresh, and I managed to rescue several of the trapped citizens before another distraction occupied our attention.

The wraith followed us into the square, seemingly unhindered by our city’s forces. Kresh attacked it, then fell to one knee, apparently under the wraith’s spell. I threw a stone at one of its minions, but hit its shield instead. At that moment, the wraith changed form. It became a glorious angel, obviously sent from Avandra. The angel whispered to me that I am the guardian of the forge. I don’t know what it means, but it appeared from the ponderous faces around me that others were receiving similar messages.

At that moment a horrible demon appeared and stood face to face with Avandra’s angel. Emboldened by the presence of my god, I threw one of my daggers at the demon. To my utter surprise, the blade sunk deep into its cloven hoof, and it shrieked in pain. The demon then waved its arms dramatically, and the slain began to rise on the battlefield, one after another, until we were surrounded by the walking dead.



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