Session 4

Day 2 - Montbelliard City Walls

After defending our tower, we looted the bodies and took stock of the battle’s progress. The warrior wore an outlander’s furry hide armor with an emblem of a tower shield with a white starburst. The corpses of our enemies seemed somehow shadowy, as if covered with an oily haze. Perhaps the Siphon eats them even more quickly than it does the walking dead of the Dols. Two of our towers north of us have fallen now, and the enemy’s siege weapons continue to crawl toward us.

We had to pull Stong up onto the battlements – he’d conveniently managed to hang from a ledge for the duration of the battle. The moment he was on his feet, the Hiver began shouting to him about a command post atop a hill far beyond the wall. He said it was beyond our range, and sent Noori into the Trebuchet pit. Noori returned shortly, gingerly handling a large wooden box. Using a key, Stong opened the box and took out twelve black globes. He gave them to us and commanded us to make our way to the sixth tower, which now lay beyond two ruined towers to our north. He said something to the effect that the globes were light enough that they would reach the target.

In order to cross the first ruined tower, I took a rope and shimmied my way along the crumbled wall. I took an arrow in my back. Once across, I did a foolish victory dance and took another arrow in my shoulder. I tied my rope to a sconce to ease my companions’ passage. While crossing, the wizard also took an arrow and, to his credit, didn’t complain about it.

As we reached our destination, a siege tower, loaded with dark elf archers and grunts, clamped itself onto the walls. We made quick work of the minions inside, and the wizard used his magic to set the entire siege tower aflame. We unhooked the siege tower and continued on our way.



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