Conclusion of 1st Adventure

A Visit from the Dungeon Master

The demon crashes in front of you, making a crater in the ground and knocking you off your feet with the force of the impact. The angel lands with a flourish between you and the beast. One of the demon’s bat wings falls to the ground nearby, and you notice black ichor spurting from a stump on the demon’s back. The abyss-spawn rises to its feet and bellows a scream of rage.

As you lie on the ground, terrified to be so close to a demon at the height of its rage, you see beast suddenly silhouetted in a golden light. However, this isn’t the heavenly light from the angel… it’s from the spire.

The angel drops its sword and holds its hands out in front of it, as if trying to block its eyes or keep a door shut. The Spire’s beam fires, this time straight at you. It burns a hole straight through the demon and flashes immediately before the angel’s hands. The energy is deflected around the angel and yourselves, as if you’re in a protective shell in the middle of a conflagration. You see a moment of shock on the demon’s face immediately before it is consumed by the Spire’s rays. Buildings instantly become ablaze, and those few, unfortunate souls still on the battlefield start screaming in panic as they go up like torches.

The angel buckles against the force of the Spire’s ray, and you see the protective bubble start to contract. In your heads, you hear the Angel say, “I will take you somewhere safe. Tell them their saint is dead… but to fear not… for I have given them a final gift.”

The angel suddenly looks to the side. Following the angel’s gaze, you see a humanoid in robes standing atop the building burning to your right. Then you hear in your heads, “No! It cannot be!”

The figure waves its hands, and the protective bubble flashes out of existence. There’s a moment of panic, when you feel the blazing heat of the ray, when you see your clothes start to ignite… and then, there’s nothingness.



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