Thirty years ago, Montbelliard, the Jewel of Tumeria, site of the Iron Throne of the Mauvosan Kingdom, was overthrown. The armies of Saraquin the Mad swept over the whole of Tumeria, rampaging across the land, slaughtering hundreds of thousands, driven by some malign intelligence to hunt down all the intelligent and good races.

Thousands were driven to the sea, seemingly never to return.

Thousands more became slaves.

Those who managed to be captured became unwilling servants to Saraquin’s whims at Montbelliard, previously known as the city that would not fall. Saraquin used those servants to build The Spire, a construction of malevolent design, a tool that the Mad Wizard could use to both protect his precious city and subjugate the masses.

Years passed, and eventually the construction of the Spire was complete. Some years later, Saraquin gathered a third of the populace of Montbelliard, thousands upon thousands of slaves, and marched out of the gates, never to be seen again. In his place was his apprentice, Machial, along with Saraquin’s loyal bugbear army and the Spire that would ensure all would remain as he left it.

That is, until a day ago.

Our heroes, Athravan, Onu, Kresh, Vellus and Antioch, were pressed into service against some new threat that seemed to be able to reach the walls of Montbelliard with alarming speed. After an incredible fight that ended with a climactic battle between an angel and a demon, the heroes were transported well outside Montbelliard. There, they met the invading force… a force comprised of the thousands of their countrymen who were swept out to sea 30 years ago, along with their descendents.

Now, they have been charged with returning to their city to let the people there know that the enemy outside their gates is a friend, and not a foe.

Can they inspire their countrymen to turn against the master that has kept them oppressed for so long?